For Grown-Ups

Improvisation - Intermediate

Improvisation - Intermediate



  • Difficulty Level: medium
  • Supplies Required: Glasses, water
  • Number of participant: 2


Fill up those water glasses and let’s make some music. Look for different sizes of glasses and add different quantities of water for the pitch to alter between. A large glass with a little liquid will result in a high tone, as you fill up the glass your sense of pitch will get lower and lower. Once your orchestra is filled on the table in front of you the music making begins! Try to put the glasses in order to form an ascending (sounds that start low and move higher) or a descending tone row.


    Musical Improvisation is the creative activity of immediate (“in the moment”) music making, which combines performance with different moods, feelings, images and instrumental technique as well as spontaneous response to other musicians.

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