For Grown-Ups

Improvisation - Advanced

Improvisation - Advanced


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  • Difficulty Level: hard
  • Supplies Required: Shaker, pot, wooden spoon
  • Number of participant: 1


Creating atmospheric music. Invite your child to imagine they are walking through a dark, thickly wooded forest. Get them to think about how they might walk with cautious steps. Encourage words such as quietly walking, darkness, and stillness, possibly referring to a favourite story or movie. Now offer them a shaker or a pot and wooden spoon asking them to show how a ‘walking part’ could be improvised to match the steps of the ‘walker’. By having different sized pots or additional sound makers, you may create additional textures that could represent the different animals in the forest. Questions such as, “Is it night time or day time?” “Which animals and birds might we hear?” Are there boughs from the trees creaking in the wind or twigs breaking underfoot?


    Musical Improvisation is the creative activity of immediate (“in the moment”) music making, which combines performance with different moods, feelings, images and instrumental technique as well as spontaneous response to other musicians.

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