For Grown-Ups

Ensemble - Intermediate

Ensemble - Intermediate



  • Difficulty Level: medium
  • Supplies Required: DVD, Concert, Paper, Pencil
  • Number of participant: 2


We offer body cues through unsaid movements all of our lives

Confidence - Brisk, erect walk Thinking, evaluating - Hand to cheek Impatience - Tapping or drumming fingers Anticipation - Rubbing hands Nervousness - Biting nails

Visit your community concert hall or watch a musical performance on television, DVD or computer to find the ways that a musician offers ‘Cues” or clues to start the music. See if you can use the hints to discover how they deliver the result.

Starting the piece - ? Slowing down or speeding up the pace - ? Playing softer or louder during the piece - ? Displaying different articulations - stacatto or legato - ? Offer excitement or anticipation - ?

Enjoy viewing ….

Which Way to Carnegie Hall: A Journey into Music In this DVD Jon Kimura Parker follows artist featured in their quest to establish themselves in a musical career.

Heart of Chamber Music This DVD features the Jupiter Quartet and Paul Katz, founding cellist of the Cleveland String Quartet. The film opens with Brahms’ G major Sextet performed by the Jupiter Quartet. Mr. Katz contributes fascinating commentary throughout the film speaking of what it is to create ensemble playing.


    To be part of an ensemble is the highest point in the life of a musician! Bringing all of the different elements of music together creates community amongst performers. The discovery of how to find ease with the idea ‘starting, staying and stopping’ together keeps everyone guessing!

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