1 Move To The Beat

Move To The Beat

Original Airdate: February 02, 2009

Guest Instrument: Susie The Susaphone

Ella feels left out when the others decide to march for their performance, forgetting that she has WHEELS!

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2 Tempo Trouble

Tempo Trouble

Guest Instrument: Wills The Fiddle

Billie refuses to slow down her dancing, even though no one else can keep up with her, until their guest fiddle challenges her to a tempo duel.

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3 Solo on The Slide

Solo on The Slide

Guest Instrument: Elmore The Guitar

When Billie’s dad visits, his excitement about being part of a band means she may not get to play the solo she’s been practicing for him.

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4 Happy Birthday House!

Happy Birthday House!

Guest Instrument: Macmanus The Bagpipes

Billie and Ella have written a birthday song for the House of Jam, but cannot agree on whether it should be played loudly or softly.

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5 Melody Maker

Melody Maker

Guest Instrument: Xavier The Xylophone

The Jazzberries must search the House of Jam when their guest xylophone loses his keys.

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6 Billie's Biggest Fan

Billie's Biggest Fan

Guest Instrument: Annie The Fan

When Billie’s biggest fan visits, the Jazzberries ask her to join in their big performance, but Billie doesn’t like the idea because the fan is not a musical instrument.

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7 Super Sounds

Super Sounds

Guest Instrument: Herbie The Synthesizer

Ella’s visiting cousin tries to convince the Jazzberries to try playing themselves in new ways, but Ella likes how they already sound.

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8 Give It A Rest

Give It A Rest

Guest Instrument: Cyd The Cymbals

Louis refuses to rest when the other Jazzberries do, and as a result is dangerously exhausted when it comes time for their performance.

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9 The Forever Song

The Forever Song

Guest Instrument: Monica The Harmonica

The Jazzberries’ guest harmonica brings a song that no one can stop playing. But how will they perform if they can’t rid themselves of this catchy tune?

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10 Phantom of The Jam

Phantom of The Jam

Guest Instrument: Herschel The Handsaw

As the Jazzberries rehearse for the Masquerade Ball, they discover the House of Jam may be HAUNTED!

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